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HbFree is Harmonic Balance Microwave and radio frequency circuit simulation program. It is intended for simulation of MW & RF analog non-autonomous circuits under multi-tone excitations. It was developed for MW mixers and power amplifiers design.

It is command line program, it has no GUI interface.

Package contains sources of harmonic balance simulator program hbl, Spice-to-hbl translator s2h and a few utilities. It allows the following components to be used: R,L,C, transmission lines (loss less for now), V and I sources, Diodes and MESFETs.

Hbl simulator implements piecewise harmonic balance technique with 2-D FFT to handle a few monocrome sources.
Input language is very close to SPICE. Hbl simulator itself allows additional elements to be used: S- and Y- matrices of 2N-poles, strip- and microstrip transmission lines, some discontinuities. But these elements are not implemented in s2h translator and are available in native hbl input format only.

Current source codes are different from those HbFree-0.1 binaries are build from (binaries are published here).


Latest release(2004-04-26): hbfree-0.2.tgz

Gennady Serdyuk. mailto:gserdyuk@mail.ru